Frequently Questions

Below are frequently asked questions, you may find the answer for yourself

Do you ship outside of USA and Canada?

Currently, we do not ship outside USA and Canada but are looking to expand, follow us on our social media for updates!

Are there customs, taxes and brokerage fees for Canadian customers?

Fees vary, the customer will be responsible for all fees once the order has been placed and processed.

What are shipping charges?

Shipping is $5.99 on all orders below $100 in the States, orders above $100 will be shipped for free. Canadian shipping is $20 USD and any additional charges by customs will be covered by the customer. Free shipping to Canada is offered on orders $400 USD and above.

Can prices be negotiated?

No, our prices are fixed.

What if we need help matching jewelry, need inspiration, or need to see a set tried on?

  1. Contact us by going to the contact us page.
  2. Email us @
  3. DM us on our social media! We’re happy to help!